First Blog Post On the New Site!!!

Aug 05, 2016 Main blog 2 comments

Guys! This is my first blog post EVER on my brand-new website!

I am thrilled to finally show you how gorgeous it looks! Tessa Elwood of did a phenomenal job on the design, didn’t she? I’m in love with everything: the glowing apple blossoms, the elegant lantern, the backdrop of the forest and the moon and the mountains. I told Tessa my basic idea for an aesthetic and she went WAY above and beyond with it. It is exactly what I asked for and more.

If you’re in the market for a web designer, I highly, highly recommend her. Her prices are unbeatable for the quality of her work – and believe me, I shopped around for quite a while, looking at jaw-dropping prices of $3,000 and up. I taught myself how to switch from Blogger to WordPress and do the initial set-up (via Google and the tech support people at WordPress and Bluehost), but if you’re not into that, I believe Tessa can do that bit for you too.

I also taught myself basic coding over the years (thank you, LiveJournal!), so I’m having a lot of fun tinkering and customizing while trying not to break anything she laid out for me. The conversion to WordPress rendered a lot of the formatting wonky. I am slowly but surely checking through all of my pages and my (dozens… maybe hundreds?) of blog posts to make everything neat and readable. Feel free to let me know if you come across anything that looks weird!

And if you would like to subscribe to my blog and get email notifications whenever I post, you can do that HERE. Otherwise, just follow me on Twitter and I will tweet out a link every time I update 🙂

What else has been going on with me?

Well, if you do follow me on Twitter, you know I’m mentoring in the Pitch Wars contest once again. The submission window opened this week and I’ve been having fun reading the MG entries! However, this will be my second and final year as a mentor. It’s tough juggling the contest with a job (I wasn’t working when I did it in 2015). And, from here on out, I will need to focus as much of my time on my own writing as possible.

But you know I love this contest because it gave me confidence and introduced me to some of my closest writing friends. I will find ways to help however I can, even if I’m not guiding a mentee to the Agent Round next November!

I’ve been writing quite a lot, as you can see from my sticker calendars on Instagram. I’ve talked about the technique before, which I learned from V.E. Schwab. It may seem silly for a grown woman of 30 to rely on stickers to keep her productive, but I am telling you IT WORKS. And who I am to question something that helped me write an entire manuscript in under five weeks?

I’m excited for next month because I get to meet so many awesome writerly peeps! I’m going to Boston Teen Author Fest to hang out with some lovely Twitter friends. Then, I’ll take a train to NYC for a couple days. My diverse kidlit writers group has set up a Korean BBQ event and I cannot wait to meet them all. So keep an eye out for that post, and I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures! I also have a new music post planned since it has been FOREVER since I shared anything I’ve been listening to.

I hope you guys are all doing well and enjoying your summer!



2 Responses to “First Blog Post On the New Site!!!”

  1. Wow! The site is gorgeous!! Congratulations!

    Have fun in Boston!

Julie C. Dao