First Pass Pages, Giveaways, and FOTL Out in the World!

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February has been a happy and exciting month so far!

Last week, I got my first pass pages for FOTL in the mail! This is a print-out of the entire manuscript with the cover page, copyright, dedication, and acknowledgments included. And each page is laid out as it will be when the book is printed, with font/margins, chapter header art, page numbers . . . the whole nine yards! It was a cool preview of what FOTL might look like as a book someday soon.

I’m not ashamed to say I hugged the massive stack of paper when I pulled it out of the envelope! It’s kind of crazy to think that these pages (all 370-odd of them) were once only ideas floating in my head. I’ve worked very hard on this book and I can say that no matter what happens, I’ve done my absolute best and I am proud to call it mine!




I’m in love with the lantern art for each chapter. Jenny Chung, my interior book designer at Philomel, did a wonderful job and I cannot wait to see this manuscript in its final form!

I hope to have ARCs soon, and I hope to have enough that I can do a giveaway! I’d like to do one giveaway (either an ARC, a pre-order, or other book-related goodies!) each month leading up to the book’s release in October, so if you are interested, follow me on Twitter and Instagram for all the details on each one!

Last month, I gave away two pre-orders of FOTL, and this month, I am giving away the following:



These are handmade flower combs I put together myself, and no two are alike! Check out my Instagram if you want to see how they look on. I’ve had a blast making them and I plan to give away two this month as a thank-you to those who pre-ordered FOTL. I may be giving out more since there is a lot of interest!

If you’re interested in winning one, please send a screenshot of your pre-order receipt. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet and would like to do so, the hardcover is currently on sale for $11 on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada until Tuesday, February 28, so there is still plenty of time!

It’s really important to me to show my appreciation for those of you who have supported me and been interested in my book since the beginning. Every email, every tweet I’ve gotten from someone who is excited about FOTL (especially ones from young Asian readers and writers who are pumped to see more Asian rep in YA) makes me so happy. I am wishing with all my heart that you guys will enjoy the read!

Two authors I greatly admire were kind enough to post pictures of FOTL as a bound manuscript! It’s kind of blowing my mind that people are reading it. I wonder what it’ll feel like when it’s an actual book out there in the world?!




All in all, February has been a grand month . . . and we’re only a week in! I can promise a lot more exciting stuff to announce in the weeks and months to come! Can’t wait to share it all with you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, as always, for your excitement and support!




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