Quick Updates and Some GREAT News!

Mar 27, 2017 Main blog 2 comments

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by already! Soon it will be April and that means FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS is that much closer to publication!

Earlier this month, Marie Lu tweeted about the book! (YES. THAT Marie Lu!!!) I was fangirling pretty hard on Twitter because I really enjoyed her Young Elites series, which also features an anti-heroine! I read it for the first time last year while neck-deep in revisions for FOTL and loved the way she executed Adelina’s characterization. What a treat to find out Marie was enjoying my anti-heroine, too!



Last week, we got some more AMAZING NEWS: FOTL sold in a three-book deal to Roca Editorial in Spain! The book will be published in Spanish! I had heard that Asian books occasionally have a harder time selling overseas, so I’m ecstatic about this foreign deal and immensely grateful to the subrights team at Penguin for all of their hard work. And I think this means I should start saving up for a trip to Spain to visit my book baby at some point in the future!

I also have an awesome official publicist at Penguin Young Readers as of last week. Her name is Katharine McAnarney, she is fantastic, and her contact info is HERE if you ever need to reach her.

In case you missed it on Friday, I interviewed my editor Brian for the Pub(lishing) Crawl blog! Brian shares some excellent insight into the life and day-to-day work of an editor, so if you are a writer who is (or will soon be) on submission to publishers, definitely check the post out to gain some valuable information. I totally lucked out having him for an editor!

And, finally, here’s a reminder that my first #FOTLFriday Twitter event will take place this Friday, March 31, at 8pm EST! Come join Mish and me as we discuss Women in Fairytales! I will tweet some lines from the ARC and there will also be a fun little giveaway at the end. I hope you can join us for it!

That is it for now! But I can promise many more ARC giveaways, fun events, and amazing news in store. Thank you as always to each and every one of you for your support and excitement! MUAH!


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  1. TeacherofYA says:

    Just waiting for a giveaway so I can read your amazing book! I’m so excited and I’m not surprised Marie liked it!

Julie C. Dao