Welcome to the newest page of my website: THE ART GALLERY!

I am lucky to have some awesome, talented friends and readers who took the time to show me what my books and characters look like to them. As a writer, it’s fun and rewarding to see how the world you’ve imagined is seen in the eyes of others. So here is a look at some gorgeous art inspired by my books thus far!

NOTE: I have received permission from all of the artists to post their work on my blog. Please do not take or use any images without their permission. I do not claim ownership of any artwork below or images used to create it.


Updated: 2/18/18 –




Here is artwork inspired by KINGDOM OF THE BLAZING PHOENIX, my second book!


By Annelie Hopkins, age 11!





Here is artwork inspired by my debut, FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS, created by some lovely and talented folks on Twitter!


By Danielle Cueco (@dncueco), with a quote from the book!


By Danielle Cueco (@dncueco), with a quote from the book!


By Claribel Ortega (@Claribel_Ortega)


Tengaru, by Gwen C. Katz (@GwenCKatz)


By Christine L. Herman (@christineexists)


“Xifeng” watercolor by Aila (@aila_1woaa)


By Alex Castellanos (@_alexcastellanos) | Buy It Here!


By Asma Faizal (@IceyAsma)


By Rowa (@rowatree)


By Hanna Alkaf (@yesitshanna)





My awesome friend Roselle Kaes did this portrait of me! She is SO incredibly talented.





ELEGY is my young adult Gothic suspense novel inspired by Phantom of the Opera. It was the book that got me my agent! My wonderful friend and critique partner, Marisa Hopkins, drew this picture of my main character, Stella, with colored pencils. The background is sheet music handwritten by Beethoven. Isn’t it beautiful?!






I wrote PUMPKIN PATCH PRINCESS (or PPP, as I affectionately call it) back in 2010, when I was just getting serious about writing for publication. In the summer of 2015, I made the decision to post it on Wattpad, an online community where writers share their work for free. Some truly wonderful teen readers have been kind and generous enough to make this art inspired by the book! I am absolutely in love with each and every piece!


Artist: Hannah   |   Wattpad: DancingSparks


Artist: Rosie   |   Wattpad: Up_with_the_Clouds


Artist: Bailey   |   Wattpad: BeanieB


Artist: Daniella   |   Wattpad: DaniellaBone


Artist: Ella   |   Wattpad: EllaKlevickas


Artist: Rena J   |   Wattpad: Blahsandlas


Artist: Ashi   |   Wattpad: BookCastles


Artist: Bianca   |   Wattpad: Lady_of_Loki


Artist: Emlyn   |   Wattpad: dystopianerd


Artist: Mia   |   Wattpad: BlackKat59435


Artist: Melanie   |   Wattpad: sydneygirll


Artist: Joanne   |   Wattpad: JoanneWeaver



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