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Books I recommend 


Here are the books I have blurbed! Check them out if you’re looking for a great read. If you’d like to request a blurb from me, please contact my agent, Tamar Rydzinski:


“This charming, delightful tale is equal parts middle school awkwardness, winsome love story, and unflinching exploration of friendship — the kind that hurts, and the kind that forever changes you for the better. I adored this book.”

misadventures in ghosthunting

"A funny and action-packed adventure that cleverly explores how stories and traditions connect the children of immigrants to their culture. I loved following Emma on her journey to unearth her family's secrets."


Brandon Hoàng

“THE CROSSBOW OF DESTINY is the perfect blend of laugh-out-loud funny and Indiana Jones adventure. Freddie is a delightful character, all at once a kid figuring out how to be both Vietnamese and American and also a bold heroine I would follow into the jungle any time!”

gorgeous gruesome faces

Linda Cheng

“GORGEOUS GRUESOME FACES is a seductive and darkly glittering exploration of the price of fame and friendship, set against the spectacle of a deadly K-pop competition.”


Adrianna Cuevas

"The Ghosts of Rancho Espanto is funny, moving, and heartwarming. Adrianna Cuevas deftly weaves together friendship and mystery in a tale that is not just about the ghosts of the departed, but also of love, loss, and lingering grief. Her writing shines with a wry touch of humor, and Rafa is a delightful protagonist!"

Iron Widow

Xiran Jay Zhao

“Like its ferocious heroine, IRON WIDOW is brutal, bloodthirsty, and full of rage. Zetian’s fight to shatter patriarchal definitions of power makes for a truly thrilling read.”


Kylie Lee Baker

“THE KEEPER OF NIGHT lures you into the world of death, where spirits wander the darkness and a reaper fights to belong. Woven with stunning, elegiac Japanese folklore, this is a sharp and seductive fantasy with teeth.”


Trung Le Nguyen

“THE MAGIC FISH wistfully explores the way stories and people cross oceans to find new lives, told with breathtaking, dreamlike artwork. I highly recommend!”

Beyond the ruby veil

Mara Fitzgerald

“BEYOND THE RUBY VEIL explores the thin line between hero and villain in one of the most ingenious fantasy worlds I’ve seen in YA. Emanuela is both darkly funny and utterly terrifying, and I was compelled to follow her until the bitter, bloodthirsty end.”

Where dreams descend

Janella Angeles

“WHERE DREAMS DESCEND is a glamorous dark gem of a tale, sparkling with romance, magic, and intrigue. Readers will be captivated by prima donna Kallia as the mystery is slowly unmasked. Bravissima!”

Wicked Fox

Kat Cho

“WICKED FOX is a delight from beginning to end. Set against the bustling cityscape of Seoul, this elegant contemporary fantasy explores what it means to be a monster and what we must give up in the pursuit of love, forgiveness, and our truest selves. A triumph!”

There will come a darkness 

Katy Rose Pool

“A sweeping, ambitious fantasy that pulled me into a world of corruption, dark prophecy, and ultimately, hope. The breathlessly paced story and well-rendered ensemble cast gripped me until the very last pages.”


Maya Motayne

“This searing, magical Latinx-inspired fantasy pulled me in from the first page and did not let me go. I loved adventuring with brave Alfie and brash Finn, and I held my breath until the end. NOCTURNA is a magnificent debut, powerful and true.”

The afterward

E.K. Johnston

“A band of lady knights! A lovely F/F romance! A look at what happens AFTER The End! High fantasy lovers, you’ll LOVE this.”

Sorcery of thorns

Margaret Rogerson

“Like the grimoires that fill its pages, SORCERY OF THORNS lives, breathes, and beckons you closer with each enchanting word. This is classic fantasy at its very best.” 

The Girl King

Mimi Yu

“This action-packed epic fantasy engrossed me from the first page. Lu, the fierce Girl King, is the heart and soul of this tale of legends, gods, and destiny, and she is a heroine for the ages! I loved rooting for her and look forward to reading more of her story.”

Hide with me

Sorboni Banerjee

“HIDE WITH ME is a suspenseful, breathlessly paced thriller that is impossible to put down, with sharp writing and a plot that erupts. Highly recommended!”

Give the dark my love

Beth Revis

“GIVE THE DARK MY LOVE asks: How far will we venture into darkness for the ones we love? In the face of a deadly plague, Nedra’s journey from compassionate medical student to ruthless revolutionary is stunning and shocking to behold.”

Girls of paper and fire

Natasha Ngan

“Get ready to be pulled into a lush, magical world, where two concubines must hide their forbidden love if they want to survive the Demon King’s treacherous court. A fiery, spellbinding read.”

The sisters of the winter wooD

Rena Rossner

“This dark fairy tale about sisterly love and Jewish strength and courage, set against the backdrop of a deep and deadly winter forest, will haunt me for a long time. A powerful, emotional debut.”

Reign of the fallen

Sarah Glenn Marsh

“An immersive fantasy that explores love, grief, and the power of death, Reign of the Fallen features a bisexual necromancer heroine who will bring your heart to life!”

the poppy war

R.F. Kuang

“A thrilling, action-packed fantasy of gods and mythology… the ambitious heroine’s rise from poverty to ruthless military commander makes for a gripping read, and I eagerly await the next installment.”

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