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Out October 1, 2024

Dracula’s Lucy Westenra like you’ve never seen her before: In this retelling from critically acclaimed author Julie C. Dao, the perfect woman bites back.

Lucy Westenra is beautiful, rich, loved by three men—every inch a lady. But beneath this sparkling, flirtatious facade, she is fascinated by death, which has stalked her throughout her short life. For her, the dead do not slip away easily, as they do for her best friend, Mina; they linger.

When Lucy departs for Whitby, her nightly sleepwalks introduce her to the mysterious Vlad, who seems to see parts of her she has never let show before. Vlad makes her an offer: Every century, he seeks out the “perfect woman of the age,” who embodies all the values of her society, to live with him in immortality—and Lucy could very well be this woman. For the first time, she feels herself able to share her darker side with someone. Thinking herself dreaming, she agrees to cheat death with him.

When Vlad finally appears in the light, it is aboard a ship covered in corpses. He toys with Lucy and mocks her in Mina’s presence. And one night, he drains a corpse dry right before her eyes. He is a vampire, a monster ready to take her. He expects a good Victorian lady, appalled by his darkness, a victim. But Lucy is only enraptured. When Vlad reacts with violence, Lucy has no choice but to fight for her agency, even if it means giving up her humanity. And her tormentor will soon find she is no easy opponent . . .

The first book of a duology that retells Dracula from the point of view of Lucy Westenra, this gothic romance is perfect for fans of Penny Dreadful and Danielle L. Jensen.

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MIST Audiobook
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A lush, thoughtful, seductive reimagining of the Dracula mythos that had me under its thrall from page one, Dao’s darkly dreamy book will leave you thirsting for more. Let Lucy sink her teeth into you and draw you into her new world.”

Kiersten White, #1 NYT Bestselling Author of HIDE and MISTER MAGIC

"Wild, wicked, sensuous, fun. NOW COMES THE MIST is for all of the dark romantics, the lovers of drama, and the ones who want to get bitten."


“Dazzling, sensual, sparkling with danger. Lucy Westenra is a force of nature in Dao’s capable hands, taking control of her own story with a vengeance long overdue. A vibrant, chilling reimagining that feels wholly its own.

Natalie Mae, author of The Kinder Poison trilogy
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