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Pumpkin Patch Princess
A sweet and funny fairy tale perfect for ages 12+ and fans of THE PRINCESS DIARIES or ELLA ENCHANTED!

Noelle Simpkins is sick of working for her parents. Sure, her dad runs a booming pumpkin business and her mom’s the greatest shoemaker in the land. But pumps and pumpkins get OLD after a while, and she’s ready to see more of the world.

When she hears about a fairy godmother internship in the city, she jumps on it. The goal? Make sure royal clients get happily-ever-afters . . . all while battling goblins, curing curses, and figuring out how to use a magic wand. Not to mention shutting down a rival godmother and avoiding Kit, a distractingly cute guy who sells pie and keeps turning up.

But as exciting as her new gig is, Noelle is surprised when she realizes . . . she kind of misses making shoes and growing pumpkins. Has she gotten closer to her own happily-ever-after, or farther away? And when the glass shoe’s on the other foot, can she stay true to her heart?

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